Below Ground Palletisers

One of IBS’s current projects is fabricating six below ground palletisers for Rapisarda Enterprises.

Rapisarda had previously approached IBS to help innovate and improve their processes, our first project for them was the “Melon Warrior” (you can read all about it on our new look website).  They then approached us about improving their palletising system.

After consulting with Rapisarda we developed palletisers that are fully electric with a safety lock out system to ensure that workers are safe. The  design of the palletisers also make them easy to maintain and operate. They are manufactured to allow Rapisarda to change layers with the boxes, but still maintain a straight and square pallet.

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About Darryl Anderson

Darryl is the Financial Controller at IBS but also dabbles in marketing, IT, and when he needs to "get away" you can sometimes find him in freight. In his spare time he enjoys watching TV and movies, reading, wandering, or playing the Trumpet. He also has an unhealthy obsession with Lolcats.