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About Darryl Anderson

Darryl is IBS' Financial Controller who joined the team in 2008. He is also responsible for our IT and Marketing. He likes stuff and things. View Darryl's full profile

Dave Dowley

About Dave Dowley

G'day everyone. I've been a member of the IBS Sales Team since 2015. I specialise in all things welding. Having spent a number of years as we welder and welding sales rep, I can answer all your questions about welding. I also have a "regular column" where I share some tips and tricks for any newcomers to the welding game. Even those who have been in it for a few years may pick up something! Most Boiler Makers and Welders have their own little idiosyncrasies when it comes to welding, some of which I myself have adopted and some I simply could never get my head around. That doesn’t mean they don’t work, it just means they didn’t work for me. I'll be covering Arc Welding (MMA), Mig Welding (GMAW/FCMAW) and Tig Welding (GTAW) and welcome any questions you may have. View Daves full profile

About Glenn Charge

Glenn is our Sales Manager who joined the IBS team in 2008. You might remember him better as "that tall guy with the goatee". Glenn came to us with a number of years of retail experience (he started at the age of 6 in his parents newsagents).