A Bloke was sitting in his local pub, having a quiet beer or two and watching the poker machine players.

He saw one man come in, walk up to a machine and start talking to it as if it was a beautiful woman.

“Hello, darling,” he said.  “You’re looking sexy today.”

Then he put $1 in the slot, pulled the handle and …jackpot!

Well, of course the bloke was intrigued, and he watched and listened as the man moved on to another machine.

“Hello, darling,” he said.  “You’re looking sexy today.”

And again, when he put $1 in the slot and pulled the handle, he scored a jackpot.

“I gotta have a share of this,” thought the bloke.

So he hastily downed his beer and walked over to the nearest row of pokies.

He selected one of the machines the jackpot winner hadn’t reached yet.

“Hello, darling,” the bloke said.  “You’re looking very sexy today.”

He put his $1 in and yanked the handle.

Nothing.  Not a cracker.

He tried again.  “You adorable creature,” he whispered to the machine.

“You’re so beautiful.”

In went another $1.  Still nothing.

Empty as a politician’s promise.  The bloke tried again and again, whispering all the loving endearments he could think of, but to no avail.

When his last $1 went down the gurgler he moved away in disgust.  The other man moved on to the same machine, put in $1 and said: “G’day, Bob, how’s the wife and kids?” Jackpot!!!

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