A Better Spreader

“It’s 150% better” said Bruno not 5 minutes into the first trial with the upgraded spreader, even before any adjustment to the throwing positions were made.

The IBS Centre of Engineering Innovation had just completed upgrades to John and Bruno Casale’s (Casale Brothers) fertilizer spreader. New throwers were designed and manufactured that ensure that fertilizer is placed in the rows where it’s needed, not between them where it’s wasted.

When Bruno first came to see us he wasn’t happy with the current setup on the spreader trailer, sure it did the job, but there was potential for it to be a lot better. After throwing around a few ideas the    Centre of Engineering Innovation team finally decided on redesigning the throwers, making them more accurate with better adjustment.

Eric (our resident Design Engineer) got to work immediately on designing the new throwers and once everyone was happy with the new design Hugh (our soon to be boilermaker tradesman) got to work on manufacturing the new design. During some down time the spreader trailer was then returned to us and Todd (our 1st year apprentice boilermaker) removed the old throwers and fit the new ones on.

The end result is a much more effective solution, reducing the originally estimated 15% of wasted  fertilizer down to almost nothing and thus putting 18% more fertilizer where its needed. And all this designed and built around existing equipment.

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