Behind the Scenes of IBS – Fitters and Turners

You’ve met some of the people who work at IBS through our “Meet the Team” feature, but what do they do exactly?  How does their job fit in to the overall running of IBS?  We’ll answer that as we take you “Behind the Scenes of IBS” and introduce you to the various areas that make up and drive our company.

To kick off our first “Behind the Scenes” we’ll take a look at our Fitter and Turners.  Our machining team consists of Nathan Straatman, Gurmail Braich and Baljinder Singh (Bill and Alex Seawright are both also Fitter and Turners but prefer to keep their hands clean these days…). These guys run some pretty heavy equipment including some older Colchester manual lathes, a manual Pacific lathe with a hydraulic follower, a smaller Mazak production CNC, a larger Fat semi-CNC lathe, as well as millers and a 200 tonne press.

The team regularly produces shafts, bushes, loco axles, and arrow head inserts; and working closely with the design team to  ensure that they produce quality products to the right tolerances.

If you would like to know more about our fitting and machining capabilities, stop in and have a chat to Alex or one of our capable Fitter and Turners.

Take a look at our machines in our Flickr Gallery

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