Design & Engineering

Centre of Engineering Innovation

IBS Centre of Engineering Innovation has evolved from more than 30 years of experience in the design and development of innovative and intelligent engineering solutions.

The Centre of Engineering Innovation provides a diverse range of engineering services including 3D CAD design, manufacturing and engineering consultation.

Our core competencies are in our ability to turn ideas into practical and commercially viable solutions, by designing and producing innovative solutions to meet customers’ individual needs.

Our engineers and designers possess the skills and expertise to:

  • Design and manufacture innovative engineering solutions
  • Research and develop new products

Engineering CapabilitiesDSC1063-300x198

The IBS Centre of Engineering Innovation has access to a wide range of product knowledge and expertise. Our staff have a wealth of practical and theoretical knowledge from a variety of industry backgrounds, including fitting and turning, agricultural, mining and earthmoving.

The organisational structure allows engineers to follow the complete process, from initial product design, through to its manufacture and after-sales service.

3D CAD Design and Manufacture

Reduced Lead Time
Computer-aided modelling allows us to focus on the functional requirements of a design rather than spending time solving geometric problems.

Increase in Quality
Our 3D models allow us to run full dynamic behaviour tests and accurately predict loads during the design phase rather than during the prototyping and manufacturing phases.

Add-on Equipment/Modifications
Our software ensures we are able to create add-on equipment or modify a design easily for differing applications.

3D models of existing equipment can be created so we can integrate new systems or add-on components accurately to suit.

All our designs are kept on record so we can duplicate a replacement part or even the complete assembly if required in the future.

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