Embrace Technology!

July last year IBS implemented our new business management software, replacing our 20+ year old accounting software.  Over the last eight months our new system has changed how we do our things internally, but it’s also changed how we can do things externally.

The new software now allows us to e-mail invoices at point of sale (no more lost invoices!) as well as statements at the end of the month.

Nearly 50% of our customers have opted onto the system and have had nothing but praise for it as they get their invoices straight away and can be filed electronically which not only eliminates that huge filing cabinet in your corner, but also helps the environment.

“But if I stop getting my statements in the mail, how will I receive this awesome newsletter every two months?”  That is a great question, and you have nothing to worry about because the software also allows us to attach our newsletter when we e-mail out our statements.  So you’ll be able to file it as well and when you need a break, just open them up and go back through your archive of Ted’s Jokes!

“So I can file my invoices and statements electronically and still get a copy of this awesome newsletter which I can also file and go back to read any time I like … This sounds great, how do I sign up?”  Another great question!  And the answer is simple, just give myself or Vaylen a call in Admin and we’ll shoot a form over for you to complete and return to us and as soon as you do, you’ll be set up to receive our paper work electronically.

So don’t  let the paper work overtake your office, sign up and embrace the technology!

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