Extending our Service Area Internationally

Bill and I were recently invited by the Fiji Sugar Corporation (FSC) to visit their mills in Fiji and consult on some of their engineering projects. The experience took us through all four of their mills (three on the main island of Viti Levu and one on the smaller northern island of Vanua Levu) over a week. The experience was almost like travelling back 30 years into Australia’s own Sugar Industry past where full stick processing was still commonplace, and the majority of cutting is done by hand (we hear they only have 3 harvesters!).

The sugar industry is Fiji’s largest industry, and employs approximately 25% of the population. It is part owned by the Fiji government; so being invited over was kind of a big deal! Though much of our trip was spent driving around the island between the mills, but we did have the opportunity to see a few of the local resorts which were absolutely stunning!

Our work with FSC has begun with the arrival of an ex-Bundaberg Sugar loco in our workshop ready for refurbishment; and we are also in discussions on other projects that will see IBS help significantly improve FSC’s skills and efficiency, reduce their environmental impact, and grow their international standing as a global corporation.

Its an exciting time for us!

– Adam

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