Hi-Rail Spray Truck

Recently the Centre of Engineering Innovation completed a project to design and manufacture a mobile spray unit for our local Bundaberg Sugar Mills. Taking an existing truck, the team developed a Hi-Rail unit that assembled to the main truck chassis without major modification allowing the truck to pick up and drop down onto existing loco lines. The unit is to replace the use of the existing towable unit that you may have seen travelling around locally.

By using the new Hi-Rail Spray Truck, Bundaberg Sugar will be able to cut down on the time and manpower required for overgrowth maintenance as some of the lines will only require a single trip rather than the two trips that was required by the old towed unit.

The new unit consists of a chemical tank to hold pesticides to ward off growth. Front and rear Hi-Rail mechanisms to lift the truck onto the loco lines for rail travel. 3 separate spray arm modules to spray directly behind and either side of the truck that can be controlled individually. Automatic control of the pump so that the right amount of chemical is always used depending on the speed of travel of the truck itself. And handrails and walkways for easy access to the tank and storage box.

Although the majority of the Centre of Engineering team was involved, special thanks goes to Eric and Mark for the extra effort they put in to build a great machine.

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