Mango Crate Tipper

With designing as one of our strengths, IBS Engineering were approached to design a semi-automatic bulk crate tipper.  The final design of the tipper has the ability to have three crates on the system at a time.  One crate on the input conveyor; one crate on the control feeding the packing line; and one crate in the empty area.  All crates can be loaded and unloaded with the aid of a pallet jack.

Crate tippers on the market that are being fed with pallet jacks, can only have one crate in the system at a time causing gaps in the flow of produce.  Having only one crate active lowers the overall output productivity of the packing shed.

Even though this crate tipper was built with mangoes in mind, the design can be used for many other types of fruit or vegetable.

Crate Tipper 3D Design




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