Metabo 4.0AH Battery Technology

The Metabo Ultra-M Technology enables you, as a professional, to make use of all ultra-powerful advantages of the new Metabo battery generation with 4.0 Ah. Rely on Metabo‘s decades of experience in batteries.

Metabo Ultra-M Technology

Powerful battery packs are better when they are combined with an intelligent design. Benefit from a unique interplay of:

  • Intelligent battery management
  • Patented AIR COOLED charging technology
  • ESCP Electronic Single Cell Protection and
  • Processor-controlled charge and discharge management

Together with a long-lasting motor and gearbox design, this is the optimum product for mastering the challenges of your everyday work.

Ultra Long

Drilling, screw driving, grinding, cutting and much more for much longer: Metabo is the first power tool manufacturer to guarantee you a clear gain in endurance with the new 4.0 Ah battery technology.

Your advantage: With each battery charge cycle you can now work a whopping 33 % longer.

Greater endurance: Thanks to the 4.0 Ah battery technology the Metabo cordless drill hammer BHA 18 LTX performs twenty bores (ø 8 mm) and the angle grinder W 18 LTX 125 manages eighteen cuts more than with a 3.0 Ah battery pack. You will have to recharge less often and can work for longer.

AIR COOLED Charging Technology: Faster charging and longer service life. The patented, active air cooling reduces the temperature of the battery pack during the charge cycle with a high-performance fan in the charger itself. This results in significantly shorter charging times and a considerably longer service life of your battery pack.

Ultra Safe

Metabo‘s new battery generation puts you on the safe side in any respect. Even in the hardest conditions its functionality is extremely safe.

The permanent Electronic Single Cell Protection (ESCP) offers reliable protection from damaging overcharging or discharging completely. This is why Metabo can grant a 3-year-warranty on their Li-power battery packs.

One for all: Use one and the same battery pack* for all Metabo 18 volt (slide in style)  cordless tools. This also applies to Metabo’s cordless INOX   machines for processing stainless steel.

* This battery pack is also available in 14.4 volt and is compatible with all available 14.4 volt (slide in style) cordless machines.

 Ultra Compact

 Powerful feeling: Thanks to their compact and light construction the new 4.0 Ah Metabo battery packs are  absolutely handy in combination with the machine. This guarantees optimum ergonomics and fatigue-free working even for demanding jobs.

Particularly pleasing: Although their capacity has risen   significantly, the new battery packs have not put on any weight compared to the preceding  generation. This is further proof of Metabo‘s focus on the user.


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