Power10 Gases Stockists

Power10 Gases Oxygen and Argon Gas Cylinders

IBS Engineering are now the local stockists of Power10 gases.

Unlike other gas providers, you own the bottle out right.  While there is an initial up-front cost to purchase the bottle, there is no on-going monthly rental fees, once the bottle is empty, bring it back to IBS and swap it for a replacement, exactly like swap-and-go for propane bottles.We will be supplying Oxygen, Argon and Argon 5/2 in two different sizes (with a third to be added later)

  • Oxygen for the brazing, welding and cutting of metal.
  • Argon for Tig welding, and Mig welding of aluminium and stainless steel.
  • Argon 5/2 for Mig welding of mild steel.


Cylinder Dimensions  D size E size
Height 955cm 930cm
Weight 18kg 38kg
Diameter 14cm 23.2cm
Cubic metres 1.7m3 (1,700 Litres) 4.0m3 (4,000 Litres)

For more information and pricing, give one of our sales guys a call, send them an e-mail, or just pop in and see them!

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