Shape Up & Ship Out

The Centre of Engineering Innovation team is capable of handling almost anything, and we do too! It has been an interesting year so far for the crew, even with the good old GFC… In June we manufactured and exported 14 freezer racks to Papua New Guinea, these racks were  designed to be manufactured quickly and easily and had to be hot dip galvanized once they were finished. The completed racks were high quality, simple, practical, and the customer was extremely pleased. We were even able to load the completed racks into a shipping container in our own back yard!

But that’s not all we have done, amongst the various products we manufacture consistently; such as our Ozzy Bulldog Bagging Machines, our wide range of banana products (deleafers, bell injecting poles, length and girth gauges, etc), our freezer products (rollers, guides, stoppers), not to mention various other pins and shafts, we have also been working on a Hy-Rail truck to control weed growth near cane bin lines, a freezer conveyor system for snap freezing spring rolls, and just recently an electric motor mount, shaft and pulley for a crusher setup to be used in a mine in South Africa.

Is there something we can manufacture for you?

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