Sutton Tools and Saint Gobain Factory Tour

Saint Gobain and Sutton Tools Factory Tour

Early in October, at the invitation of our friends at the Industrial Supply Group, Sales Reps Matt and Rowan jetted to Melbourne to tour the Saint Gobain and Sutton Tools factories.

At the Sutton Tools factory, the guys were shown the 40+ machines (the cheapest machine is valued at $500,000 and is used to make only one tap) that manufacture Suttons extensive range of cutting tools, including their smallest tap which is 1.2mm which is exported to China and is used in the production of iPhones.  They were also given a hands on demonstration of new products, including a thread tapping tool that fits into an impact wrench that’s available in 3, 4, 6 & 8mm which we will have in store soon.

Over at the Saint Gobain factory, the guys were taken through the manufacturing process of the cutting and grinding discs.  The bulk of the process is automated (It was hypnotic – Matt).  They also received hands on demonstration with new products including ceramic grinding discs and multi-purpose ultra thin cutting discs (able to be used on PVC to tiles with a clean finish).

If you’re ever in Melbourne and would like to check out the factories, let us know and we’ll help arrange a tour.

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