Ted’s Joke – Bad Leprechaun

A Young Aussie bloke was touring Ireland in a rented car and thoroughly enjoying himself.

Driving down a narrow country road he spotted a hitch-hiker, so he stopped and gave the man a lift.

“Where are you from?” the hitch-hiker asked.

“I’m from Sydney, in Australia,” the tourist replied.  “Well now, fancy that,” said the hitch-hiker. “It happens that I’m an Irish leprechaun, and a you’ve been so kind as to give me a lift, I’ll grant you three wishes.  What would you like?”

“A couple of million dollars would come in handy,” said the Aussie.

“Consider it done,” said the leprechaun.  “When you arrive back in Sydney, you’ll have $2 million in your bank account.  And what else would you like?”

“Well,” said the Aussie, “I’d really like a big cattle property.”

“It’s yours,’ said the leprechaun.  “When you get back to Sydney, you’ll find the title deeds waiting for you.  And what would you be wanting for your third wish?”

“Three women,” the Aussie said.  “A blonde, a redhead and a brunette, all real beaut sheilas.”

“Not a problem,” said the leprechaun.  “They’ll be waiting to greet you at the airport when you arrive home.

“And now,” the leprechaun went on, “seeing as I’ve done all that for you, how about doing me a favour in return?”

“No worries, mate,” said the Aussie.  “What do you want?”  “Well now,” said the leprechaun,

“I’d like for you to stop the car and hop in the back seat with me for a while.  I’m a gay leprechaun, you see.”

“Aw, leave it out!” the Aussie exclaimed.

“Oh, come on,” the leprechaun pleaded.  “After all, I’ve granted you three wishes.”

“Oh, all right then,” the Aussie grumbled.

Afterwards, as the leprechaun lit a cigarette and sat back with a smile on his face, he asked:  “How old are you, son?”

“I’m 25,” the Aussie replied.

“Hmm,” mused the hitch-hiker, “Don’t you think that’s a bit old to be still believing in Leprechauns?”

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