Ted’s Joke – Bad relations

“Something the matter?” the barman asked the well-dressed young bloke who was sitting at the bar and staring sullenly into his beer.

“Well, it’s like this,” said the bloke.

“Three months ago some old aunty died and left me $85,000, two cars and a house.”

“Strewth!” gasped the barman.

“That doesn’t sound like anything to be miserable about. I should be so lucky.”

“Yair,” said the bloke, “but that’s not all.

Two months ago some old uncle I’ve never seen snuffed it and left me $150,000.  And last month another ancient aunty kicked the bucket and left me $90,000.”

“All that money!” the barman signed.  “So why are you looking so miserable?”

The young bloke shrugged.  “This month – not a brass razoo.”

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