Ted’s Joke – Beer Belly

EVERYBODY’S dead keen on physical these fitness days… you know the sort of thing; jog 50km, do 1000 push-ups, then suck a shredded carrot for breakfast.

You should see me in the morning.  The moment I wake up, I get going on the exercises … up – down – up – down – up – down … then I do the same thing with the other eyelid.

Anyway, there’s this bloke strolling down to the pub and he sees his mate come jogging along, puffing and panting and red in the face.

“Gawd!” he says.  “Someone chasin’ you?”

“You should join me, George,” says the mate, gasping for breath.  “Get yourself fit.  Look at you!  Look at that beer belly!  If it’d been on a woman I’d say she was pregnant.”

And George gave him a satisfied look and said: “It has, mate.  And she is!”

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