Ted’s Joke – Blue Jokes

Bill and Jim were two young married men who worked together in the same Melbourne office.

One morning, Bill mentioned that his wife, Mary, had to go to Sydney for a few days on her own.

“I’m a bit worried about her, Jim,” Bill said.  “She’s never been there before and I just don’t know how she’ll manage all by herself in a strange city.  I wish I could go with her, but I just can’t get away.”

“Don’t worry, Bill,” said Jim.  “I’ve got to go to Sydney for a few days myself and I’ll have plenty of time to spare.  If you like, I can arrange to meet her and show her around and keep an eye on her.  It’ll be no trouble.”

“Hey, that’s great!” said Bill.  “But there’s just one thing – Mary’s a bit prudish, so do you think you could cut back a bit on those blue jokes you keep telling?”

“No worries,” Jim responded.  “I’ve got a special stock of Pat and Mick jokes I keep for kids and old ladies.  I won’t tell Mary a single blue joke, you have my word on it.”

A week later, when everybody had returned, Bill thanked Jim for looking after his wife.

“And I gather you didn’t tell her any blue jokes, either,” he said.

“No, not a single one,” said Jim.

“Mind you, I did tell her a few of my Pat and Mick stories.”

“And did she find them funny?” Bill asked.

“Bloody oath!” said Jim.  “She laughed so much she nearly fell out of bed!”

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