Ted’s Joke – Broken Sign

A young sailor, just arrived in port and desperate for consolation after six months at sea, rushed to the nearest brothel and knocked on the door.

“Sorry,” said the madam, “we don’t have any rooms left.  We’re packed out from the cellar to the attic.”

“What about the roof? asked the sailor, “I don’t mind doing it on the roof if you’ve got a girl who doesn’t object”.

“OK,” said the madam, “get up on the roof and get your gear off and I’ll send a girl up to you.”

So the sailor climbed up on the roof and soon he was making up for lost time with a lovely young redhead.

But it’s difficult to balance on a sloping roof, and it wasn’t long before the sailor and the girl, still going at it like hammer and tongs, slid down the tiles and rolled over the edge, crashing down on the footpath below.

A drunk who had watched their decent with interest stared at them for a moment, then hammering on the front door of the house of ill repute.  “Hey, missus!” he shouted “your sign’s fell off the roof!”.

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