Ted’s Joke – Cure for Worms

As part of their ministry, the church decided to run a daily soup kitchen. Not surprisingly, the free food was very popular with the homeless people in the area. However this gift did come with a small catch – first you had to listen to a sermon.

Every day the rows of pews would be filled with derelicts, bums, and plenty of people down on their luck. One afternoon, the minister decided it was time again to lecture on the evils of alcohol. In order to get their attention, the minister began the service by putting up two glasses. One he filled with water. The other he filled with gin.

Then he pulled out a worm and dropped it in the water. The worm swam happily around in the glass of water until the minister pulled it back out. As the worm wriggled in his fingers, the minister proclaimed with certainty that the worm loved the water and that the water was safe for the worm.

Then the minister dropped the worm in the gin. Almost instantly the worm died and its ravaged body began to  disappear in the toxic element.

The minister let out a satisfied cry of delight. “Do you see what evils this alcohol has done!? What does this experiment prove?”

A wino in the back of the room spoke up. “Reverend, it proves if you drink alcohol, you’ll never get worms!  Can we eat now?”


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