Ted’s Joke – Eat your vitamins!

The man was well known and very, very wealthy, so when he arrived at one of Sydney’s top hotels with a German shepherd pup he was ushered up to the penthouse suite, no questions asked.

He had been in the hotel for about half-an-hour when he rang the reception desk and asked to speak to the manager.

“Can you get me a girl?” he asked.

“Of course, sir,” said the manager. “Our services, and our utmost discretion, are at your disposal…”

“Good,” said the man. “Now cost is no object, I want a tall, skinny blonde. She must be tall, and she must be skinny, got that?”

“Yes, sir,” said the manager, “She’ll be sent up to you within the hour.”

When the woman arrived at the suite the man stared at her for a moment, then brusquely told her to strip.

She took off all her clothes. “Good,” he said. “Now – kneel down on all fours.”

The girl shrugged, then knelt down as instructed.

The man walked over to the bathroom, opened the door, and brought out the German shepherd pup.

“There you are, Rover,” he said. “If you don’t eat up all your vitamin-enriched Krunchie-Os, you’ll end up looking just like that!”

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