Ted’s Joke – He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother

A few minutes before closing time, a bloke came staggering into the local pub lugging two heavy – looking sacks.

With a sigh of relief he dumped the sacks on the floor and called for a beer.

“You look exhausted,”  said one of his mates.

“Sure, and I am that,”  said the bloke.  “I’ve been down to the city, and I’ve walked all the way from the station with those two big, heavy sacks.”

“That so?”  said the mate.

“Well, what’s in the sacks, then?”

“Telephones,”  said the bloke.  “they’re full of telephones.  That’s why I went down to the city.”

“Telephones?”  queried the other man.  “What the hell do you want a load of telephones for?”

The bloke drained his beer and shrugged.

“It’s not me that wants ‘em, it’s me brother,” he explained.  “He’s a musician, you see, and he’s decided to form a dance band.  He gave me some money this morning and told me to go down  to the city and get two sacks o’ phones…..”

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