Ted’s Joke – Honesty

AT the railway station the train to the city was about to begin its long journey, and a weekend guest was thanking his host.

“Oscar, I really enjoyed our fishing trip,” the guest shouted from the carriage window.  “The weather was great, the food was great, it was a terrific weekend.”

“Thanks, Jack,” the host replied.  “I’m glad you enjoyed yourself.”

The train began to move off, and the guest leaned out the window again.  “Another thing, Oscar!” he shouted.  “I really enjoyed making love to your wife!”  The passenger sitting next to the guest gasped with surprise.  “Did I hear you tell your host you enjoyed making love to his wife?” he asked.  “Well,” replied the other, “to be honest, I didn’t really enjoy it much… but then, Oscar’s such a great bloke…”

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