Ted’s Joke – Hypno-therapy

After a few happy years of marriage the young woman became dismayed by her diminishing sex life.

She tried everything she could think of, from greeting her husband at the door wearing nothing but clingwrap, to purchasing exotic paraphernalia from a mail order sex boutique.

But none of it had the desired effect on her husband’s libido, so she finally persuaded him to visit a hypnotherapist.

After only a few visits, she was delighted to find that her husband’s ardor was fully restored to true honeymoon dimensions.

But there was one rather annoying side-effect; every so often during their love-making he would jump up and run out of the bedroom and vanish into the bathroom for a minute or two.

At first, the wife didn’t want to rock the boat, but after a time her curiosity overcame her better judgement.

The next time it happened she followed him into the bedroom.  And there he was, staring into the mirror and muttering:  “She’s not my wife…..she’s not my wife…..she’s not my wife….”

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