Ted’s Joke – It’s all in the design

Harley Davidson, the inventor of the world-famous motorcycle, died and went to heaven.

Upon his arrival at the Pearly Gates, he was greeted by St Peter.  “What did you do on Earth?” St Peter asked.

“I’m Harley Davidson,” the man replied, “and during my time on Earth I invented the world-famous Harley Davidson motorcycle.”

“An inventor, eh?” said St Peter.  “Well, go and stand over there with all the other inventors and someone will be along to sort you all out.”

So Harley Davidson wandered over to the group St Peter had indicated and introduced himself.

“Hi,” he said.  “I’m Harley Davidson, the inventor of the world-famous motorcycle.  Who might you be?”

And so Harley Davidson found himself meeting all the great inventors of history, from hairy Neanderthal who invented the wheel to the genius who came up with computer socks.

Eventually, a figure in a long, flowing robe came wandering over.  “Hi,” said Harley.  “Who might you be, and what did you invent?”

“I’m God,” said the newcomer.  “I invented a lot of things.  I invented Man, and then I invented Woman.”

“Ah,” said Harley thoughtfully. “I’d like a word with you about that.  Don’t you think you put the inlet pipe too close to the exhaust outlet.”

“Well,” God replied, “you might be right, but more men are riding my model than yours!”

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