Ted’s Joke – Laughing Donkey

This Aussie ringer from Coonamble way had saved up enough dough to take a trip.  He’d always wanted to see the Wild West in America.  So he’s touring around checking things out and he stopped at a small gold mining town.  Feeling a bit dry, he headed for a saloon for a beer and a bit of tucker.  While he’s sitting at the bar he noticed a donkey sitting down the other end with a pot in front of him filled with gold.  This got his curiosity going, so he asked the barman what the strength of it was.  The barman said: “He’s our tourist attraction, he just sits there lookin’ sour – if anyone can make him laugh they get the pot of gold.”

The Aussie said: “Can I give ‘er a burl?”

The barman said: “Go for your life, but no one’s ever made him smile.”  So the Aussie sidles up to the donkey and whispers in his ear.  Well, the donkey just broke up, tears of laughter streaming down his cheeks and holding his sides.  The Aussie cops the pot of gold and walks out grinning.  A couple of months later he comes back and walks into the same bar and he notices the donkey still sitting there with another pot of gold in front of him.  He asked the barman what was going on.  The barman said: “Since you left he’s been sittin’ there sniggerin’ and gigglin’ to himself.  He’s a bloody nuisance (like a wet dog) so if anyone can make him cry they can have the pot of gold.”

The Aussie said: “Do you mind if I try again?”

The barman said: “Go for it, buddy, but I must warn you, no one’s even come close.”  The Aussie said: “Do you mind if I take him outside for a tick?”  The barman said: “Okay”  So the Aussie took the donkey outside and he’s back in a couple of minutes and the donkey’s crying his eyes out, so upset.  The barman said: “Here’s your pot of gold, buddy, but tell me, how did you do it? A couple of months ago you made him laugh like a mad donkey, and now you’ve made him cry.  What did you do?”

The Aussie said: “Well, when I was ‘ere last time, I told him my ‘old fella’ was bigger than his, and he must have thought that was pretty funny.  This time I took him outside and showed him!”

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