Ted’s Joke – Musical Octopus

A man walked into a nightclub with a live octopus and ordered a drink for each of them.

“You can’t bring that octopus in here,” the barman objected.

“But this octopus is my friend and besides, he can play any musical instrument in the house,” the drinker returned.

In disbelief the barman bet him the price of his drinks that the creature would fail, and produced a violin.

To the surprise of all, the octopus picked it up and played a well-known tune with fervor.

Next, a trombone was brought in and the octopus ripped out a blues ditty in no uncertain style.

The barman, sick of giving away free grog, disappeared into a back room and returned with a set of bag-pipes.

With a gleam in its eye, the octopus slithered over to the instrument and began caressing it with his tentacles with obvious feeling and emotion.

“I knew he wouldn’t be able to play that,” the barman said triumphantly.

“Wait,” he was told.  “Once he finds out he can’t marry it, he’ll play it!”

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