Ted’s Joke – Sleepy Trucker

A truck driver, making the long, long haul between Sydney and Perth, was way out in the middle of nowhere when he decided to pull over for a bit of a kip before starting the night drive.

It was a hot, sultry evening, so instead of dozing in the cab he climbed out on the back of the truck and found a comfy spot on top of his load.  He hadn’t been asleep for very long before he was woken up by an attractive young woman who said he could come over to her house, which was nearby, for a shower and a rest in the air-conditioned comfort of her room.

The truckie naturally accepted the offer, and after a shower, a drink and a bite to eat he stretched out on a bed with cool, white sheets.

Unable to believe his luck, the truckie was just dozing off when the young woman, wearing nothing but a very transparent negligee, came into the room and stood beside the bed, smiling down at him.

“Move over,” she said softly.

The truckie quickly moved over … and fell off the top of his truck.


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