Ted’s Joke – Stiff worm

Grandfather was in the garden being pestered with endless questions by his grandson.

“Grandad, where did this worm come from?  Why is it soft and wriggly?  Why is it in your garden?”

Trying to distract the boy, the old chap said:  “If you can put that worm back in its hole, I’ll give you a dollar.”

Half an hour later…. “Grandpa, the worm is back in its hole again.”

Mystified, Grandad said: “How did you do that?”

“Easy,” said grandson.  “I just sprayed it with hairspray.  It went all stiff and straight, so it went in the hole easy.”

Grandad paid the boy his dollar, marvelling at his ingenuity.

Next morning at breakfast Grandad put another $10 note on the table and said: “That’s for the worm.”

“But Grandpa, you’ve already paid me for that trick.”

At which Grandpa winked and said: “That’s from your grandmother.”

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