Ted’s Joke – Stuffing

There’s this young bloke, a real fast-talking con-man, who makes a quick buck or two by trotting ‘round the countryside living on his wits.

Anyway, one day he finds himself in a little country town with three pubs.  He goes into the first pub and asks the barman:  “Can I have a beer, please?”

“Certainly, sir,”  says the barman.  The bloke downs the beer and walks off without paying.  “hang on, mate!”  says the barman, “what about my money?”

“I asked you if I could have a beer and you said yes,” says the bloke.  “Nobody said anything about paying for it.”

And with that he walks out.

The barman rings the next pub up the road to warn them, but by the time he gets through it’s too late, the bloke’s been and gone.

But he gets on to the landlord of the third pub in time.  “No worries,” says the landlord, “I’ll fix him up good and proper.”

The young bloke comes into the third pub and goes through the same routine, but as he’s leaving, the landlord, instead of getting angry, applauds his skill.  “You’re a smart young feller,” he says, “come around the back and I’ll shout you lunch.”

So the young bloke goes into the dining room with the landlord and sits down at the table.

And there, fresh from the oven, is a roast chicken.

The young bloke licks his lips, and just as he reaches for the chook, the landlord, a very well-built ex-wrestler, says: “Listen, mate, whatever you do to that chook, I’ll do to you.  If you break off a wing, I’ll break your arm.  You break off a leg, I’ll break your leg.  So go for it, mate, just go for it….”

The young bloke hesitates for just a moment, then he reaches out, pushes his fingers into the bird’s fundamental orifice, pulls out a handful of stuffing and eats it.

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