Ted’s Joke – The (not so) Iron Sheikh

It’s the year 2022. The world is bored with every joke, novelty act and sporting event, so there is a $10 million prize being offered for a completely different type of amusement.

An eager young talent scout hears about an Arab sheik who has 500 wives, all of whom are pregnant and due on the same day.

So he tracks down the sheik and is fascinated to learn that he can make love to, and satisfy, every single one of his 500 wives in one night.

“That’s amazing!” says the talent scout. “Look, I can make you a rich man, a world-famous star! We’ll provide the world’s loveliest women, and all you have to do is to perform your stuff on live television. Will you be in it?”

“No problem,” says the sheik.

So there’s this huge advertising campaign organised, and sponsors fork out millions, and all over the world people turn on their TV sets to watch the action.

The big moment arrives, and the sheik starts his performance – one woman, two women, three women. . . . and then he collapses.

“What’s wrong, what’s wrong?” cries the talent scout. “You can manage 500. What’s the problem?”

“I dunno,” gasps the sheik. “I was all right at the rehearsal this afternoon.”


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