Ted’s Joke – Three daughters

There was this bad-tempered, suspicious, crusty old farmer whose only redeeming feature was the fact that he was the father of three beautiful young daughters.

One Friday night, a young man arrived at the farmhouse.  He knocked at the door, and when the farmer opened it the young man said:  “Good Evening.  My name’s Joe. I’m here to pick up Flo.  We’re going to a show.  Is she ready to go?”

“Yes,” said the farmer.  “Hang on and I’ll get her for you.”

Not long after that a second young man arrived.  “G’day” he said.  “My name’s Teddy.  I’m here to pick up Betty.  We’re going out to eat spaghetti.  Is she ready?”

“Yes,” said the farmer.  “Wait a moment, I’ll go and get her.”

About 10 minutes later a third young man arrived and knocked on the door.

“G’day,” he said, “my name’s Tucker and……”

Before he could say another word the farmer grabbed him by the scruff of the neck, dragged him down the back and shot him!

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