Ted’s Joke – Through the keyhole

Long ago, an old gent named Henry Plumb was arrested and charged with murder, a crime that carried the death sentence.

A barrister friend of Plumb was convinced the charge was ridiculous and came out of retirement to defend his old pal.

To handle all the paper work attached to court proceedings, the barrister decided to engage a secretary.

She was a pretty little thing and very able.

The case went ahead and the barrister defended so brilliantly, he was certain the jury could return only one verdict: not guilty.

While he waited for the jury to return he decided to take a shower in the chambers’ toilet block, but first he instructed his secretary to let him know immediately if a verdict came through.

As he was under the spray, the verdict was returned, Plumb was acquitted … He wouldn’t hang.

As instructed the young woman called the result through the door to her boss but with the running water, he couldn’t hear her.  She called out again, still with no success.  “I can’t hear you”,  called out the barrister.  “Shout through the key hole”.  So she put her mouth to the hole and hollered out:

“They’re not hanging Plumb!”

“I said speak through the key hole – not look through”, shouted the barrister.


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