Ted’s Joke – Whiskey waiting line

A Bloke visiting a little country town in Outback Queensland strolled into the local pub and ordered a whisky.  “Sorry, sir,” said the barman, “we only serve beer.  We’re not allowed to serve hard drinks. Local by-law.”

“Jeez!” the bloke exclaimed. “You mean a man can’t get a whisky around here?”

“Well,” said the barman, “you could try the chemist.  He’s allowed to sell whisky.”

So the bloke walked up the road to the chemist’s shop, went in and asked if he could have a whisky.

“Sorry, mate,” said the chemist.

“I’m only allowed to sell whisky to someone who’s been bitten by a snake.  Why don’t you go and see Dr Smith, just around the corner? He might be able to help.”

Half an hour later the bloke came back to the chemist’s shop.  “Did you see Dr Smith?” the chemist asked.

“Yair,” said the bloke, “but it’s bad news.  The bloody snake’s booked up for the next three months!”


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