The Melon Warrior

The workshop crew have recently put the finishing touches on the affectionately named “Melon Warrior”; a melon transport truck that will soon be used by Rapisarda Farms in the Burdekin for transporting Melons picked in the paddock back to the packing facility. We had previously completed works for Rapisarda Farms for conveyor systems as an upgrade to their packing facility at two different stages. The conveyors have been working perfectly with minimal maintenance for almost 3 years; and after seeing our design and manufacturing capability, we were again contacted when it came time to do something different with the transport trucks.

As with all of our major projects, the truck was completely designed and drawn up in our 3D CAD system by our lead Design Engineer Eric, and his “apprentice” Michael. This allows us to test that everything is going to work correctly before the manufacturing process begins, and also means that our Tradesmen and Apprentices end up with a full parts list and plans to use to fabricate, machine, and assemble.

The truck has a belted “walking floor” that expands the loading volume as the truck is being filled with melons from the harvester, and is then used to push the melons off the truck into the conveyor lines at the packing shed. Whereas the previous truck used a slatted “endless” chain/belt assembly for the floor, our belted “walking floor” is a much simpler system; making it easier to maintain and use.

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