Tropicana Banana Innisfail Packing Shed

The Tropicana Bananas Upper Daradgee Packing Shed, located in Innisfail, Queensland, Australia, is one of the worlds most advanced Banana Packing Sheds.

IBS Engineering Supplies and Innovative Solutions was heavily involved in the shed fit-out; designing, manufacturing, and installing the majority of the processing equipment. This included banana top trailers, the top storage yard, an innovative continuous flow bunch line gantry system, water controlled beltless wash troughs, packing stations, the base delivery conveyor system, the packing line conveyor system, and safety lockout electric manual palletisers.

New innovations developed by IBS during this project included:

– Removable Top Trailer Axle Assemblies – This allows the Banana Top Trailer axles to be removed and replaced easily without requiring the axle to be cut out and then re-welded to the main chassis.

– Flat Top Yard System – All of the Banana Top Trailer yard rails were sunk down into the concrete yard so that forklifts or other vehicles can easily access the entire yard.

– Continuous Flow Bunchline – By incorporating a bi-axial chain we were able to achieve continuous feed of top trailers through the system without any backtracking. Trailers are fed into the bunchline gantry hanging area from one side and removed from the other while the bi-axial chain carries the loaded bunches up and over the trailers that are fed into the system.

– Beltless Wash Troughs – Endless belts are typically used in banana packing sheds and have always been a maintenance nightmare. The beltless wash troughs were designed to utilise the water filtering and┬áre-circulation┬ásystems for the purpose of moving the bananas through the system. Not only did this allow the elimination of the endless belts, but it also significantly reduced the amount of splashing that is typically caused by the position of the water jets in most standard troughs; this practically eliminated waste water due to overflow, and allows the shed floor to remain dry at all times.

– Electric Manual Safety Lockout Palletisers – Most standard palletising units are open at ground level which means that it is easy for floor personnel to gain access to them while the platform is in a raised position; which is a high level Workplace Health and Safety risk. By incorporating a lockout door that only de-activates during the unloading process, we were able to eliminate this safety risk.

The incremental improvements through these simple design advances mean that the new Tropicana Banana packing shed is one of the safest, most efficient, and low maintenance Banana Packing Shed’s in the world.

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