Trurag Lo Lint

Trurags are a hygienic, clean rag made from new material.  Unlike normal rags they are extremely   absorbent and you don’t have to worry about zips, pins, or buttons.

Benefits include:

Virtually Lint Free — Minimal risk of leaving an unwanted residue, making it great for paint and print cleaning applications.

Extremely Absorbent — Will absorb water, oils, solvents and paint.

Hygienic — Made from new material so they are free of toxins and other contaminants.

Completely Safe — No pins, needles or other unwanted inclusions, no risk of injury to users or damaging delicate surfaces.

Environmentally Friendly — Made from a renewable resource.

Economical — One 5kg carton of Trurags gives you approximately 300 pieces per carton.

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