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IBS Engineering Supplies are your bearings , seals and o-ring specialists on the Cassowary Coast.

From a trailer to a tractor, we have an extensive range of bearings, o-rings, oil and hydraulic seals.
Backed up by our experienced staff, and access to multiple suppliers across Australia, we have the stock, or
can quickly source the parts, to help you get moving again.


Bearings are designed to reduce friction and make rotation smoother.

Alternatively, they can protect a part that supports rotation and maintain the correct position of a rotating shaft.

There are different types of bearings, including deep groove, tapered, and needle.

With a range of 300+ bearings, and access to our Australia wide supplier network, we’ll be have, or be able to source the bearing you’re after.


Oil seals close spaces between stationary and moving components in mechanical equipment to prevent lubricant escaping as well as keeping harmful contaminants out.

Hydraulic seals are used to seal openings between the various in an hydraulic  cylinder and come in two types, dynamic and static.

Unsure of what you need?  Talk to our experienced staff who will be able to identify the seal you need!


O-Rings are designed to seal two working surfaces to prevent the passing of air or fluids.  O-rings are produced from a number of different materials, depending on their intended purpose.

IBS stock o-rings with inner diameters ranging from 1.42mm up to 158.75mm.